March 8 / 2012 / Thursday (part 2)
At 10.30 am we met Rob (Perree, Dutch art critic at Kunstbeeld) in front of the MOMA. Went in and immediately emerged up to the 6th Floor where the Cindy Sherman exhibition was. I was amazed. I allways thought of Sherman as a pretentious  woman that became a phenomenon because of her non stop exhibitionism but how wrong was I! The pure joy that exploded into my brain while seeing all that wonderfully playful dressing up again and again made me completely happy.  The Diego Ribiera show on the 2nd Floor, my first interest in this MOMA visit, was totally blown away by Sherman. Riviera made us want to go to Mexico to see his real large fresco’s. Nice idea, especially right after this NYC rollercoaster:>). We met Daniel Bouw there who invited us for a breakfast gathering at the Armoryshow Saturday morning after which we could enter the fair as VIP´s. That came in handy since we wanted to go there anyway! After a quick lunch Rienus and I hugged Rob goodbye  and continued our way to the Scope. Ruud Hermans, again at work as a gallery assistant for another employee, arranged VIP passes for us.  We scanned the fair. Scope is very poppy. Sometimes nice, sometimes a little to loud for my taste. We met Jonny Star again and a couple of other artists and gallerists that I tried to get to my opening at the YOCA. They all said YES! but I could see that the meant NO! :>) All far to busy trying to sell their art to get out of costs of the horrific expensive stands they are in… I know and I understand… On our way back to the hotel we drove by Stux gallery where we picked up 6 small paintings that I will show at the YOCA in a white room they have reserved as gallery space. At 5 am back at the hotel.  We were FREE!!  Took an elaborate bath in flowerbathroom 5c and went with the L to Williamburg where we had loads of BBQ meat at `Fette Sau`.  Later we went to a fun bar called Sugerland. A big lesbian dressed up  as blond vamp was doing a loud one woman show. I could not understand half of what she was saying but the atmosphere was wicked!:>)

March 9 / 2012 / Friday
All kinds of small errands had to be done to prepair for the actual opening of 5c. First to the barber to get a great cut!:>) Arranging some basterd proof plexiglas for the table we bought at the thrift shop in Williamsburg. We replaced wood with glass so one could still see the images on the walls. Washing windows, toilet, and sink! Putting in a bed and make it.  Before we know it was 7 pm and Denise called to say she was at the door to take us to Fountain Art fair. Quickly we took a shower, dressed as sharp as we could and off we went. Fountain art fair is this year located in the old Armory building which is around the corner of the YOCA. Very convenient! There was a long line but ones we were in, there was enough space and it had a very pleasant vibe.  Lots of nice looking neo hippie artsy fartsy people hanging out and were having a groovy time. We decided to buy a small work by a local street artist Scooter Laforge.  It oozed the atmosphere we sensed in Sugerland the night before and it is going to make the best New York souvenir possible for this stay. Less was the Scope party we went to after in the East Village. In a to dark space the music was so loud that it hurt my ye olde ears:>). Home “early” at 01.00. We wanted to be clear for tomorrows opening at the YOCA.

March 10 / 2012 / Saturday
We went to have the breakfast gathering at the Armory Art fair. We met artist Joshua Rozenman and gay rights activist Boris Dittrich there. Nice couple! Than we went around the fair flyering invitations for the opening. Not with a lot of positive response for the coming night I am afraid but my name was mentioned some more and one never knows…Back at the ranch lots of last things were to be arranged and we run up and down the stairs of the YOCA about two million times. Rienus took up his old profession as a set dresser and made 5c look like a real hotel room in use. Also he painted the outside of our “new” door the same shade of gray as the inside. The olde Keith Haringesque  painting on it took to much attention when it stood opened inside the room. I hung my paintings in room 3a, the gallery space. At 5 pm Ruud entered. We dressed him up in Rienus his checkered Westwood suit and weaponed him with an Ipad with all the info on my work. Then we dressed ourselves and while doing that the first visitors arrived and they kept coming and coming and coming. Soooo many people showed up! I did not believe my eyes!  And what an enthusiasm. We were complimented extensively on our 5c facelift all the time. It felt like a warm bath. At 11 pm we closed shop and jumped into a cab to attend the birthday party of Dutch gallerist Ron Mandos. it was in a sleazy hotel bar with a pool. It was fun and a great end of an awesome day!

March 11 / 2012 / Sunday
What a pleasure to wake up in our customized room in NYC. For the first time we slept in 5c. I took an extensive last bath while looking at Lavish from it. But there was not a lot of time. Room 14 c, our sleeping room, had rapidly changed into a disaster area and we had to pack there before the finissage that started at 2 pm. We got into a fight while bumping into each other while trying to get some order in the chaos. I fled the room and went to pick up and pay our piece of art at the art fair around the corner. On my way back I picked up coffees and everything bagles with cream cheese and lachs. I knew this would clear the air and it did. We were good and ready when the first guests arrived. I did not expect much of the finissage but I was wrong. The whole afternoon people kept coming. The room looked great in the bright and  sunny daylight. We had a delightful afternoon with again lots of warm compliments. Last one to go were Hans Broek with his wife Rebecca. We promised to keep each other posted on the eventual sub rent situation of Hans his Greenpoint studio in the coming summer. Than Rienus and I had to really rush. We unstretched the canvases, roll them and pack them carefully. We carried down our stuff, hugged and kissed the YOCA staff and jumped into car and at 9 pm rushed to the JFK for our flight back that would leave at 11.50 pm…

March 12 / 2012 / Monday
The flight back home was fast and flawless. With the Laforge under my arm I entered the ye olde Jacob van Lennepkade at 1pm Dutch time.  Six weeks in NYC went by in 5 minutes… It was strange to be back home. After unpacking I took our car to my studio where I started to write the last days of this diary… at 7.15 I found out I had a meeting at 8 pm of the program committee of ARTI in the center and dashed off. Came back home at 12 pm and went to bed because I thought I could sleep…

March 13 / 2012 / Tuesday
…which of course I could not… it is 5.10 am and I am behind my ye olde MAC writing. It will probably take me another week or so to completely adjust to home time and situation but NYC was worth it as always.  Besides this I am checking train schedules for Paris for the end of this month to attend the Art Paris where Flatland gallery shows some of my Back to Blacks… you will understand that we simply HAVE to be there!:>)…Rienus and I often look eachother in the eyes and say: ” Wat een vaginaleven hebben we!”, or in proper English: “What a lousy life we lead”… :>))