Before I decided to blog I heard rumors about how much attention this needs. If I read back my diary of the last three weeks I write again and again that I must blog but… I did not. Simply were not able to make the time. Yesterday Rienus and I gave this phenomenon a name:

Een blog aan je been… I will give it a go anyway!:>)

Feb 14 / 2012 / Tuesday
Geoff of the YOCA hotel asked me to drink at the Irish pub downstairs. Stayed there with German artist Alex and Seattle artist Alexis till 01.00 am and after that started working in room 5c. Painting goes well, even in the middle of the night. I jump into the right level of concentration without delay. Acryl grisailles are almost done. Decide to give Lavish a polka dot head shawl to distinguish this New York version from the others I made before. Go to sleep at 4.30. Do not sleep well and Skype at 8 am with Rienus. Sleep a little more and dream of an awful trip to L.A. in which I seem to misplace my belongings all the time. Not strange since I have been running from 5c  to 14c and back with my stuff the last couple of weeks and always seem to forget something… Do some spinning at the NYSC and try with my eyes closed to visualize the bike ride to my studio in Amsterdam. In the afternoon Reto, a young Swiss photographer, comes by my studio. He takes pictures. I am tired but I decide to change into my painting gear and start painting and… talking at the same time. I tell Reto about my life as an artist and hear myself  speak out all kinds of wisecracks on art and painting… Bob Ross reincarnated? I do not know but this has to stop! I am getting this old talking head and I do not like it at all… brrr. I make a pic of Reto in room 5c. He has a good face and the room works well as a background! Andrea (of Stux gallery) calls. She and Stefan will come at Thursday at the YOCA to see the work in progress.Alex takes me in the evening to Fette Sau a restaurant in Williamsburg. Great meat, good company. We speak, in German, about galleries. I get frustrated. Better keep that subject out of my system in order to enjoy this golden period in NYC. Back at 10 pm. Watch the news on the net. Sleep at 12.00 pm.

Feb 15 / 2012 / Wednesday
Fuck! Awake at 3.50 am! Manage to stay in bed till 6, get up and into a cleaning frenzy. Clean both my rooms. Skype with Rienus. Run to NYSC, spin and try to do the Amsterdam bike ride again. It does not work out time wise but it is a funny pastime in the boring gym… Back at the hotel I postpone painting by mailing an art writer I met at the opening of Stux-gallery. Also I give Horst a call. Also met him at the opening. He is about 80 years old, lives in NYC since the fifties, has a bjoetiful face with a gigantic moustache and I want to take a pic for a “Memling” portrait and for Rienus his series of constructed male portraits. Nap. Made a pic of my new Binck oil paints in a colorful still life. Almost flooded the bathroom because I forgot I had the water running to fill a bucket that closed off the bathtub… took the full bath and cleaned it while I was in it, from all the paint blobs that got there from painting the blossom wallpaper  while jetlagged. Also cleaned the toilet for future ladies visitors:>) Went to 14str Trader Joe for breakfast stuff and “Euro trash” beers. Worked at the murals from 7pm till 10pm and had tuna at a diner around the corner at 3 ave while making a list of all the things I would normally not do but do now here in NYC:
– Eat alone in a diner
– Paint during the night
– Paint on a wall
– Skype
– Blog
– Spin
– Run with headset in trainers over the street (crazy!!)
– Eat with plastic cutlery (and hate it!:>)) Etc. etc. etc.

Feb 16 / 2012 / Tuesday
Awesome! The Back to Black grisaille version in oils. Was afraid that the under layers of paint would come loose but no! The wall holds the paints well. Mixed a huge portion of black of burned umber and ultramarine for all the oil grisailles in the room. The cheap oils of Bicks in SOHO will do the trick for now. Worked some more with acrylics on the blossoms branches and leaves that I let linger out of the paintings over the walls. I have to be sure about their position and size. Since there will be a pattern of acrylics around the paintings I cannot spill because acrylics will not hold on oils. I masked Back to Black for that and will also mask the other paintings before I start with oils. At 7 pm Stefan and Andrea visit room 5c. We drink red wine and have a friendly conversation. They will try to come at the opening at the 10th. After they have left I pack some stuff and go to Brooklyn with 6 and F train. I find D. already in bed. We talk a little. In ‘my’ room I finally finish the Harry Pottter movie Renus had put on the Ipad for me. Sleep at 1.30am

Feb 17 / 2012 / Friday
D. woke me up at 6 am. We take the subway to the Brooklyn based school where she teaches art. It is the last day before a full week of spring holiday. The first two periods the kids watch movies. I am in the classroom. D. introduces me as an artist from Amsterdam in Europe! Since she lived in Amsterdam for 20 years this sounds strangely Americanized and funny to my ears. Than we travel with 25 kids and three teachers to the Met for a fieldtrip. It feels a bit unreal. I did not get enough sleep. Students nor teachers are interested in me. After an hour in the museum D. flips out over two students that wandered off in the museum and the trip is called of. I am disappointed because I looked forward to this trip but at same time I am relieved because I am so tired and I like to go back to the hotel to get some more sleep. On my way there I buy a new camera that I first saw at Radio Shack but was sold out. At Best Buy they sell the exact same but for $ 50 dollars more . As tired as I am I still get the add at Radio shack, took it to Best Buy and bought the camera for the Shack price… love it when things works out:>). Back in the hotel D. called. She is free from school and wants to come and have a salad. I agree. We walk to a salad bar at 23 street when I make a great pic of her with my new camera expressing exactly her feelings about how fed up she is with work. Back in the hotel I rest shortly. Than work on the last layer of acrylics of Annunciatio, touch up branches of Lavish and give Back to Black a first layer of background color. I now know why turpentine is so expensive. When I open the can I smell a familiar smell. I should have asked for liquid paint thinner… turpentine is the Dutch turpentine, liquid thinner is the Dutch turpentine. The smell is lovely old fashioned though but tomorrow I will get the thinner! I need it to clean my brushes and to wipe of surplus paint of the walls. Turpentine will not do that since it is meant to mix with paint not to remove it. Work till 3.30 am.

Feb 18 / 2012 / Saturday
Jog (crazy!) to Trader Joe. Back via Grammercy-park, my favorite spot in NYC at this moment, and 23 str hardware store. Work all day on masking the paintings. In the evening I meet Ruud Hermans at the Met. I wait for him at Greco’s view on Toledo… but he is very late… because he washed his clothes! Annoyed I walk with him through the fabulous renaissance portraits exhibition but there is not enough time. When I want to make a picture of an exquisite gallery filled with busts on pedestal’s I get stopped by a museum guard. One cannot make pics in special shows in the Met… and than I find out that the screen of my new camera is shattered. Got crushed by the box I keep my reading glasses in my coat pocket when I threw it on the floor in front of the Greco to sit on it. Bummer! We eat at an Indian place at Park and 26th. Ruud takes a look at room 5c. After he leaves I write my diary till 2.30

Feb 19 / 2012 / Sunday
Put on my good suit and off to Best Buy to get the camera changed. They buy my story I dish up and give me a new one. Happy again! Back to the hotel to get some stuff together to move to the Mondriaan loft at Hudsonstreet 421. I decide to leave my computer and all my clothes and just take the breakfast stuff and some bathing items… three full bags! I do not get it. Jump in to a taxi and arrive at 2.45pm at the loft. It is luxury place with a view to die for but I do not have a lot of time to enjoy because I have to go back to the hotel to get some  painting done. Commute from subway station Houstonplace with 1  and cross-town bus M23 till Lexington ave in about 40 minutes. At the hotel I mail with photographer Pieter Henket who is also a Flatland gallery artist. We will meet at Wednesday. He mails me his pic of a guy with a naked cat on his shoulder next to my painting from ‘87 “Jan” (after  Coypel). Amazing similarities. I decide to propose a swap when we meet. In 5c arrange brushes, fix a palette, pick music, drink something walk away come back and repeat this several times… all rituals that I need this time to finally get to it. But than I cover the whole Annunciation background, the complete male figure and the white skirt of the woman figure with a grisaille layer  of oil paints. I quickly clean my brushes and taxi back to the loft via Traders Joe at 14th and Wine Heaven at 3rd ave. Rienus text that he came through customs quickly and is on his way. I make caprese and open a bottle of red. Only now I realize how great the place is we will get to stay in the coming two weeks. Although I love the YOCA this is a welcome change of atmosphere for me and Rienus and I will have a great time here. Rienus arrives and is surprisingly up and energetic. After we had some food we walk into Christopher-street and have s couple of beers in a bar called Sly. Tomorrow no appointments. Paint!

Feb 20 / 2012 / Monday
Rienus touches up the bathroom at 5c while I work the whole day on Bury. I give the figure a nice old fashioned head with a fashionable beard and curled up moustache. In the evening we cook some steaks at the loft. We decide to throw a party the loft at Saturday. To bed at 12.

Feb 21 / 2012 / Tuesday
Awake at 3 am… how is it possible that I am still not completely in the rhythm… very tiring! At 8 am I walk to NYSC from the loft. You can see it from our window. My calves start hurting again and I get some stretching tips by a personal trainer. Breakfast and via Blick art supplies to subway at Bleeckerstreet. At Blick I can not get the right bottle of Liquin I need. Liquin is the only paint thinner I use. Cannot do without it and I need at least a liter of it. Meeting with hotel staff about the opening and the invitation. Rienus leaves to get some rest at the loft.  It takes the whole day to get the exact right head for Lavish. The difference between very bjoetiful and horrifying ugly lies in millimeters! And she has to be astonishingly bjoetiful since she will stand out over all the painted figures in room 5c. In the end I get what I want. She looks iconic and I am happy! Later we eat with D.’s old friend Paul T. at restaurant Home at Corneliastr. where we have good solid steaks. Back at Hudsonstr Rienus designs the invitation. I write copy. In bed we watch NOS news on the net.

Feb 22 / 2012 / Wednesday
Found the liter bottle Liquin at Utrecht at 23 th and awwwsome!! Rienus actually works with oil paints on the background of Back to Black! He is such a great Jack of all trades!! Pain in the ass sometimes… but love him to death for being my loyal spouse! Work till 1 pm and taxi to 8th ave and 27th to Horst. His great loft breathes an atmosphere of decades of creativity. We have tea. He is a lovable character and has great stories to tell. I take his picture but later in the hotel find out that they are not sharp enough for Rienus his series. I do not know my own camera…:>(  (but w.t.f. I am a painter not a photographer!) In the afternoon we paint some more. Rienus does background while I work on the last grisailles in oils. Pieter Henket, his spouse and manager Roger and Ruud visit 5c. Pieter makes a group portrait with my Nikon and gives me a quick lesson on photography. Really helpful. They love my book Work of Mercy and praise Rienus for his graphic work. We walk to Union square and have some Thai food together. The evening is exceptionally animated. Pieter gives great imitations of his mother, his stylist and of Arjan Ederveen. We talk about the swap and we agree to just do it. Taxi to Hudsonstr.

Feb 23 / 2012 / Thursday
We carry around loads of laptops and laundry all the time so it is in and out taxies to the YOCA and back. Subway would take much time and energy. Besides of the fact that it is not very much cheaper for two persons to travel by cab. At 10 am Tim Groen visits 5c. He lives in NYC since 16 years and is an old friend of Mireille Niel. She is Rienus his oldest friend and lives in Amman, Jordan. Via Facebook she introduced Tim with us. He just started an agency for illustrators and photographers here in NYC called Love and Hate inc. We drink coffee in 5c. Than we walk to Rockefeller plaza 1 to visit Robert Kloos at the General Consult of the Netherlands to drop of some of my books. Robert knows everything that happens in the USA that has something to do with Dutch culture. He will support the opening at the YOCA and calls my work there iconic… Sounds good! Also he promises to come to our party and will try to contact painter Hans Broek and take him there as well. Walked back with our coats under our arms to the hotel since the weather suddenly changed into sunny summer. Strange but lovely! Back in the hotel we nap. Get up at 3 am. Clean the rooms and change sheets for Jan Maarten Voskuil and Lily who we expect later in the afternoon and will occupy 14c for a couple of nights.At 4 pm Dutch art critic and writer Rob Perree visits 5c. Rob wrote an article for my book “Works of Mercy”. He is married to an American guy who lives in Brooklyn. Therefore Rob is in NYC 5 times a year and knows the city really well. We talk about NYC for 2 hours. He leaves us at 6 pm but promises to attend our party at the loft at Saturday. In the hotel an opening started for the Spanish artist Paco who also did a room in the YOCA. We attend the opening and I take some people up to 5c to show them the work in progress. Jan Maarten and Lily arrive at 8 pm. They freshen up. We than taxi fully packed to Hudson and show Lilly and JM the loft. Together we have dinner at the house of one of Jan Maartens collectors and which is very convenient for us in West Village at walking distance of Hudsonstreet. Totally beat we arrive back at the loft. I check my email and find a message by a correspondent of the Dutch Associated Press in NYC. She was attracted to my project at the YOCA but her art department was not interested to write about it… FUCK THEM!! … pearls for the swine’s…

Feb 24 / 2012 / Friday
Slept for 8 hours, not in a row but nevertheless. My great friend Erwin O. calls me. It is so good to hear his voice and to get his support. It makes me a trifle emotional. Today no appointments so paint, paint, paint… And the painting went well so we decide to quit at 5 pm and have a night off at the loft. On our way home we buy already the water and some wine to try our for tomorrows party at a liquor shop at Hudsonstreet. Early night.

Feb 25 / 2012 / Saturday
The concept of the party is minimal. We will serve only bread, olive oil, salt, lemon, water and wine. To Chelsea market for Amy’s. $ 37 for 5 bjoetiful breads. Cab to 5c to do some glazing of skins. Cab back to the West Village to start setting up the party or as we call it the gathering. Ruud arrives at the loft at 1 pm. He will help us with the party. Also we make his portrait with the lesson of Pieter Henket. Ruud is a young skinny red head and is very photogenic. The lesson worked and we get a perfect sharp pic which will make a good next for Rienus his male portrait series. We have lunch at Out for Food across from the loft. Than do the shopping at Dagostinos at Greenwich and buy 20 bottles of wine at the liquor shop. We put up the giclees, I send to NYC earlier, with pushpins. Rienus makes a fancy table with the old white sheets we borrowed from the YOCA, the wine, the oil, the salt, the water and the breads. At exactly 8 pm the doorbell rings. Rob Perree and his hub arrive first and from then until 12pm the room is filled with people. Everybody showed up. Robert Kloos, Stefan Stux  and Dutch artist with some big projects in NYC Rob Voerman were there. Surprise guest was Hans Broek. We hit it off well last time we met in NYC in September and I was glad to see him again. He stayed on last at the loft until 1 am. We set a date for him to visit 5c. Bed!

Feb 26 / 2012 / Sunday
Early rise and of we go again to the hotel. Work on backgrounds until 2 pm. Interview with unprofessional woman that irritates me because she is too late and asks me the same question over and over again. I send her away also because Jan Maarten and Lilly enter 5c. We walk to Big Daddys diner at Park ave and have salads and beers while talking about Jan Maartens victories here in NYC. He managed to get a nice commission and sold some work. Outside we hugged and kissed goodbye. They will head back for the Netherlands the next day and we will not see them again before that. Via Grammercy-park back to 25th str. Rienus lingers on at the nice thrift shop at 3 ave between 21 th  and 22th. I go directly to the hotel to work in 5c. After half an hour Rienus enters the hotel. He bought me this great statuette of a traditional English soldier. “ Because you are such a trooper” he says:>)  We work until 7.30 pm on the background of Lavish. Rienus does the upper part  and paints the little rope that ties the leaves of the hat of Back to Black. I work on the pinkish snowed landscape background of Lavish. Back home we try to watch the Oscars but are to sleepy to get into it. Bed!

Feb 27 / 2012 / Monday
Taxi again to the hotel because fully packed with camera’s, computers and bags full of wine that were left over of the party. We planned to go to see the Renaissance portraits at the Met which I think is a must for Rienus because of his series on male portraits but… Once in the hotel we started work and couldn’t stop.  We selected great sandy grayish greenish colors for the walls and Rienus went for it like crazy while I flew with my brushes from one painting to he other doing glazing layers of color and details. Great energy! Lunch from the next door Vietnamese (4 items + soup = $6). Suddenly the whole YOCA staff is in room 5c for a meeting on flooring and electricity. Also artist Alexis comes in and does something unidentified with a video camera. It is for an artistic documentary, she explains… okay?:>) We get invited by Italian Ugo who is a semi permanent inhabitant of the YOCA. He works at a pizzeria at Smithstreet in Brooklyn. I know how to find it so we go and have some amazingly good Italian food and wine. A little drunk we grab a cab to Hudsonstreet. At 11.30 pm in a coma.

Feb 28 / 2012 / Tuesday
Recharging, only way to do it is online of course, our NYC telephones costs me again $ 30 a piece and I was promised I could refill them for $10 for the rest of our stay which would be more than sufficient. No way… :>( Am so fucking tired. Worked to long without a proper brake and I cannot think straight anymore… Rienus has a cold and I want to go back to bed… In the hotel we found two Chinese contractors working on our sink, our electricity cables and our door. The room was in a state of chaos and I went into a silent fit. We hid in room 14 c and went looking again and again if the Chinese guys were ready so we could clean up after them and start painting. But they were going to work until 5 pm. We fled to the Met were we visited the portraits  expo. Again I was to tired to enjoy. Taxi cab back to the hotel. The room was a chaos of dust and lumps of plaster… I was to tired to handle this at that moment. I called off Hans Broek for that night and Rob Perree for the next morning and we went home. On our way Ruud called. Roger his mum had suffered a stroke and was hospitalized. Roger and Pieter were not going to South America as planned and he decided to stay with them instead of helping us out at room 5 c coming Thursday and Friday. I flipped. Told him we counted on him but immediately when I hung up felt hugely ashamed. As soon as we were back in the apartment I facebooked Ruud that he of course had to stay at the side of Roger to stand by him through this rough period and that I felt ashamed about me thinking only of my own stupid project. Ruud answered me immediately. Roger and Pieter were going to travel to Argentina at Friday and he was going to help us out at Saturday. Great guy! To top this great day off we had food at the worst Mexican ever. Watch a little Merel “Iron Lady” Streep until 9.45 pm. Coma!

Feb 29 / 2012 / Wednesday
Sleep until 7.30 am. Still tired but in a much better mood. Get text that the carpet we selected at HOME DEPOT yesterday is to expensive… that it will be bought anyway… that it is not available in Brooklyn where our YOCA man is right now…that is not available in three weeks…that all the other stuff are done in room 5c (NOT)…”COOL!”, I text back.  You got to love the YOCA although sometimes it is a little India here:>)) In the hotel we find the unwrapped spots for the ceilings and the carpet, not the one that we selected but close enough, rolled up in the hall. With h.b. pencil I draw lines on the walls for the Vaserely pattern. Rienus is filling them in with the grayish sandy greenish paints while I make the final layer of cobalt blue for the coat of “Lavish”. I paint the boots of Bury and the laced boots of Lavish, the latter after a pair I saw and made a pic of in the thrift shop at 3rd ave. Weather is changing in gloomy rain and soon the room gets to dark to work in. We decide to stop. In the hotel lobby a so called Art Break Jam is happening with artist Alexis behind the keyboard. She is a bjoetiful girl with the longest lashes and is a fantastic singer! Lovely surprise! Back in 5c Hans Broek knocks on the door for his visit. He tells us about his adventures to get a green card inhabitant of the USA. Was imprisoned and send out over the border but in the end got his green card because of extraordinary excellence. Fine story told with great pride:>) ! We leave for the West Village were we have good Italian food at a Bleeckerstr restaurant that I spotted on our way home after the Mexican disaster the day before. Had a good time and we promised to see Hans again next week. At home we  tried again to watch a little TV. I am tired with a headache. Rienus is still sneezing… hope for the best and this will not end in flu…brrr.

March 1 / 2012 / Thursday
No light at the room yet when we arrived in the morning with bags full of beers that were taken to our party by our guests. Had to take a taxicab because of that… :>) We get the promise that carpet and light will be installed at Monday which is fine by us because we have so much more painting to do. Our goal is to have the painting finished at Sunday night so we can clear the room entirely. Rienus works his ass off on the Vaserely pattern. I assist him with masking the ceiling for another layer of white. I cover the paintings for that with old sheets. We decide not to continue the Vaserely pattern on the ceiling. It didn’t look right… The chest I used as a scaffold stands sanded in room 8c. We can decide to paint it and use it in the room… thinking about it how this would fit. Again salads at Big Daddy. Stopped at Angelika Theater to see “The artist”. We were very tired but the movie was entertaining enough to keep us awake. Very nice! Home! Rienus is still sneezing. Hope he is better tomorrow.

March 2 / 2012 / Friday
Strange! Were a little later at the hotel because we needed a slow start. Than I take a nap. Wake up and want to suggest Rienus to walk 25th street to fetch Stefan and Andrea for our dinner date at 6.30 pm… but it is already dark and… 6.05 pm!! Shit! Get the gallery on the phone. Luckily May is stall answering and we are meeting at the Italian restaurant Pepe something at 10th ave. Quick shower and jump in a cab. Arrive at 6.40, still a reasonable time but not nice and not at al me because I am never late… right? Stefan and Andrea laugh about it. We are excused by them and we eat and talk and drink beers and wine. The room in the restaurant is nice, an inside garden, but is reserved from 8 pm by a group of thirty people so by that time we have to be out. At 8 pm the group starts coming in. It is gallery keeper Leo Konig’s openings crowd and of course Stefan and Andrea know him. But more interesting is that a woman in the group is an old friend of a friend of Rienus who he met in NYC 20 years ago. They speak shortly and exchange busyness cards. She is something in the art world but we do not understand exactly what. We leave the restaurant. Outside we say warmly goodbye to Stefan and Andrea. Stefan promises to come and see my “great work of art” in the YOCA at the opening at the 10th of March. Back to the hotel for our stuff. Bed!

March 3 / 2012 / Saturday
I get up at 8.30 am. Run to Dagostino’s to get us some nice breakfast. It will be our last one in the loft. Today at 12am we have to be out of there. At 9/30 am Ruud arrives. We have breakfast and after he helps us packing and shipping our things back to the hotel. So much stuff we carry around. It is like we make a world tour but in fact we go just 25 blocks uptown:>) Ruud makes a shoot of us just before we step into the cab with all our belongings. Funny! At the hotel Rienus and Ruud change into their painting outfits and immediately start painting while I rearrange our belongings in room 14 c and later also in 5c. Than I start thinking about the chest and decide to do similar pattern on the chest as we did in the room but mix colors from bathroom and room 5c itself. At the end of the afternoon I make pictures of the room while Rienus and Ruud are hanging around. We hit the showers and rush to the evening opening at the Met. We “do” the wonderful new American wing with the great American landscapes, portraits and the picture of the crossing of the Delaware. Very American and very impressive. Inspiring stuff! With the subway to the funny kitshy Trailerpark Bar at 23rd between 8th and 7th. We had a pincher of frozen Margaritas and burgers named “ mothers in law revenge”.  Ruud went home and Rienus and I took the cross-town bus to the hotel. In the hotel we had some GT’s got a “little drunk” and went to the Eagle-bar.

March 4 / 2012 / Sunday
I got up at reasonable time considering I was quite hung over. Took 2 Ibuprofens and cleaned out the bathroom of 5c and work on the painting of the chest. End of the afternoon we went out for a good dinner at a nice Thai near Union Square and saw “The girl with the tattoo” at Regal cinema. Good story and actors. Walked back to the hotel where we cleaned out 5c exactly as planned. At 2 am I text Andrew Of YOCA that the room is ready for the flooring…. Sleep.

March 5 / 2012 / Monday
I start the day good by answering a mail of a NYC female colleague I learned to know years ago in Amsterdam via my friend D. She answered my, third?, invitation to meet in NYC with a message that she was so busy with her flourishing career as a painter that she could not meet me and wished me luck with my “fabulous looking” project. This in rather presumptuous way. Yeah! Right! In neat words I told her to go lick herself… haha…. once again pearls for the swine! Got that out of my system! Time for a little vacation although planning to work, yes! again, on this blog. We went by foot to a great hats shop on Bleeckerstr. Than to a 20th century antiques next door of that. Continued our way via the street where Marc Jacobs has his ridiculous expensive shop. Had a lovely Italian lunch again in a heated garden somewhere on the border of Soho and West Village. Than we continued our walk to Pier 40 where 45 years ago Rienus his fathers pictures was taken. We already were trying to make a remake of that with “young” Rienus posing at the same spot in September last year but did not get to it but now we did… very  interesting spot! A car park overlooking a sports field and with a great skyline with the new twin tower in the middle. Also an emotional moment.  But it was windy and cold up there since it was close to the river. Went for some hot coffee at Hudson street and took a taxi home because we carried all that time our laptops with us… ‘cause we wanted to find a comfortable place with wi-fi to write this blog while “back at the ranch” our carpet and lightning was installed:>) Back in the hotel at about 5 pm. The guys indeed installed the carpet and the lights and it looked fab! The paintings are lit bjoetifully and the room is almost finished. Rienus goes down a while and I go to the hardware store to get some light bulbs. They do not have the ones I am looking for. Back in the hotel I make a set in my great looking room to start write the blog…and the guys come in. Frans! You like your room? Rienus comes in as well. Wine! Two and a half  bottles later we get pizza’s at Mike due Pizza. At 10 pm Rienus goes to sleep. I blog…

March 6 / 2012 / Tuesday
…until 0.30 am and go to sleep. Get up at 6.30 and go back into room 5c. Rienus makes breakfast. A German artist, Johnny Star, visits the room together with YOCA John. I blog until 4 pm while Rienus finishes the chest and a handy guy called Diego is fixing our door. Tonight a party at Johns place in Williamsburg… Got to go!

March 7 / 2012 / Wednesday
Came home after 12 pm. Party at Johns was a lovely gathering with overload of food at a fine Williamsburg house. Almost the intire YOCA staff was there and most of the artist that work in the hotel at this moment. The Berlin artist Johnny Star a.k.a. Gabriel was also there. She is a funny and interesting character, We shared a car home to the hotel with Alex. Up at 8 am. Quick breakfast and with L to Greenpoint. We visit the studio of Hans Broek. It is a small but convenient working place at a perfect spot in trendy Greenpoint with a great view. We talk work a bit and the possibility for me to sub rent the place coming year for  a couple of months. Very attractive idea to have maybe  the possibility to continue my love affair with this great city some more! Hans accompanies us to Bedfordstreet where we have coffee and pastries, We say goodbuy but will see eachother once again coming weekend at the opening at he YOCA. Rienus and  I do several thriftshops and taxi back to Manhatten with a lovely chair and “theedesk”. While Rienus gives them a layer of paint I continue selecting pics for this blog all night.

March 8 / 2012 / Thursday
What the fuck!! I am awake and look at my cell to see the time. 3.16 am!! Impossible but true! Still I live in a  Dutch rhythm a bit! And in three days I wlll fly back to Amsterdam…Tiptoe into room 5c not to wake up Rienus and to finish this for now… Today we will meet Rob Perree to go to Moma and more. Will try to flyer at various artfairs because artweek started here yesterday evening.I will put this part online now and have a “radiostop”. More after I returned to Amsterdam.