To do this item as New York-ish as possible I will write this message in English.
This is not my native language so I warn you for mistakes. There will be plenty!

Jan 28 / 2012 / Saturday
My trip to NY went this time faster than ever before. All my fears of troubles with customs were unnecessary. I went through with my new brushes, oil paints and off stretched and rolled up canvases in a minute, jumped in a taxi to the ‘Ye Olde Carlton Arms’ (now written as ‘YOCA’) and arrived there 45 minutes later. I was relieved to find out I had a room to sleep in, 14c, and a separate room, 5c, to make the artwork. Didn’t sleep in either of them though because my friend Denise Martinez came to pick me up. I dropped of most of my stuff and went to Carroll Gardens in Brooklyn to D’s apartment to de-jetlag.

Jan 29 / 2012 / Sunday
With Denise and friends from NL to Chinese New Year in Chinatown. Bought New York cells for Sam and me and later for Rienus.

Jan 30 / 2012 / Monday
The first day at the hotel. Tried to think of a design for 5c but I could not get it and my jetlagged brain clear. Measured the room in inches and made some pics of it all round. Met YOCA staff GeoffAndrewUgo and John and another artist in residence from Australia. Sam arrives at 22:00 at the hotel, not jetlagged at all. Strolled to Times Square. A great New York intro for him since it is his 1st time here.

Jan 31 /  2012 / Tuesday
Put the paintings I took with me on the plane up in 5c for atmosphere. Decided to make a hand painted wallpaper in the 5c private bathroom. I paint some flowers on the wall in various fases and Sam comes after me and repeats the pattern. Late afternoon we ‘did’ the Empire State building. Denise commented on that on Facebook: ”Welcome to the emerald city!” :>{)

Feb 1 / 2012 / Wednesday
Still not in the USA rhythm and got awake @ 3!! Tried to make a sketch design in Photoshop. I think I have it. Will paint versions of Lavish the thirsty, Bury the dead and Annunciation all in spring setting… I think…

Feb 2 / 2012 / Thursday
Now I am sure! Lavish will be big on the western wall. This time a black girl instead of Asian for a change. On the south wall Bury the dead, figure will be an Irish redhead. The figures shall communicate like that! And it will be a melting pot. Some grids for enlargements are already on the walls. Sam got sick from breakfast but recuperated fast. He is a trooper and I praise the G. L. that he is here with me. We worked in the hotel all day.

Feb 3 / 2012 / Friday
Had to pick up dry clean and laundry near D’s so Sam and I decided to walk the Brooklyn Bridge on our way back. I crashed for an hour after we came back at the YOCA. Sam was already painting the flower wallpaper when I came in room 5c thinking: ”I am too tired…I can not do this!”… started painting and the first draw of Lavish was on the wall! Some visitors came in. The son of the actual owner of the YOCA and some employee’s oh-d and ah-d over the wallpaper. :>{) Sam restretched my canvases. I stretched them myself at Monday in Brooklyn but am, after 30 years of thorough painters experience, still hopelessly clumsy at that…

Feb 4 / 2012 / Saturday
Got the main color paint for the bathroom wallpaper at the hardware store at 23rd. When I came back at 5c I saw on the lit the name of the paint…”Angelic Blue”… but of course! By foot to Stux Gallery in 25th street in Chelsea, where we had an appointment at 15.00. My handsome assistant carried my canvases inside…tres chique! :>{) Stefan (Stux) and Andrea welcomed us warmly. I showed the work and I think they liked the Back to Black portraits very much. We decided to leave the works at their gallery for the time being. I promised to visit them at their vernissage at the 9th. They want to come and see 5c half way. We will see… New Yorkers are alllllways busy! Sam and I visited some mega galleries. Bought real Damien Hirst coughlings at Gaugoussian for my hub. $28 plus tax:>{)
Worked in the hotel. Sam made grid for Bury the dead and did the first draft on the wall, while I thought out the design once more. Still not exactly there yet. Asked room 5c to talk to me… Stepped into the Metropolitan in the evening with Sam, Denise and her girl. Lovely with the lightning at night. Was to tired to enjoy it fully though so will go back another Saturday night.

Feb 5 / 2012 / Sunday
Day off, Sam went out and slept until 16.00. I tiptoed through our room and went trough the hotel doing odds and ends. Super bowl was on that night. Went to Times Square to see it on a big screen but nothing there. Saw the halfway show by ye olde Madonna, did I see her almost fall?, on a huge screen in a sportswear shop on our way to a cinema on 42nd. Saw “My week with Marilyn”. Lovely. On our way back the town was in a roaring frantic. New York Giants won the game, everybody happy!!! :>{)

Feb 6 / 2012 / Monday
Robert Kloos 
visits us at 5c. Robert is director of Art, Architecture and Design at the Dutch General Consult since 1993. We chat and compare the Dutch and American art world. He is going to help me with some pr and is going to sponsor the vernissage here at the YOCA with some $$$ for wine and cheese. We set the date for the vernissage @ 10 March between 18.00 and 21.00 and the finissage @ March 11th between 15.00 and 18.00 (also the day that Rienus and I will leave). Happy Hour @ 17:00 at Trailerspark. Margaritas with D. opposite of the Chelsea Hotel. Mike II Pizza (under the YOCA) pizza for din-din and work until 23.30. Ruud Hermans, 23 and former trainee of Erwin Olaf and Flatland gallery, is in New York as trainee for an other photographer, visits us at room 5c. Also an old love from Sam is there. She is 20! We are having, Sam and the girl illegally!, GT’s until 02.00. Fun crowd.  Young!! :>{)

Feb 7 / 2012 / Tuesday
Sad. Already today Sam is leaving. To make the most of it we get to work early. Sam finishes of most part of the bathroom while I work some more on the grisailles (=under painting in gray tones) of the figures. By now I decided the Bury the dead-figure is Arab and the Lavish the Thirsty-girl will remain Asian. Her hair will be died. The guy on the Annunciation will be the same Arab as on the Bury-version and the girl I will give Asian eyes. She will be the same girl as on Lavish. It becomes a story like that and I do not know why but the figures turn out so much sexier now. Lavish will present Winter, Bury will be Autumn and the Annunciation will be Spring. Therefore I will change the green in the latter for blossom and make smaller leaves. For summer I decided to put a larger version of Back to Black with the Yellow Pond Lilly. In the afternoon we walk through Central park to the ever-amazing American Museum of Natural History. At 20.00 we walk to the 6. Sam takes it uptown towards JFK and I take it downtown to Denise where I will bunk for two nights. I will miss Sam. We had a great time!

Feb 8 / 2012 / Wednesday
In the morning at Denise’s I made prints for the enlargement of the paintings into a mural. Of to the YOCA via Bick art supplies at Bond street. Bought oil paints and Liquin for the glazing (=thin layers of colored paints over the under painting). Via 23rd hardware for (5 x as expensive as in NL) turpentine. I am all set supply wise… now paint! …PAINT!! But no… Sam is sweet and handy and a lot more but cleaning is not his talent. Room 5c and 14c were in a state of disaster and I had to tidy it up thoroughly before I could make my mind clear for the creative work. Took all day. Also the pipes of the water supply were renewed. Happy with that because that looked like surreal white roots before. A real eye catcher but in the wrong way…

Feb 9 / 2012 / Thursday
Packed my stuff again at D’s. Made some last prints I missed the day before. Skype with mom and dad! At the YOCA at 15:00. Just in time to make some handwritten flyers on the back of my business card to hand out later at the opening at Stux-gallery. On with the good suit and the bowtie and of to Chelsea to show my nose:>{) The shots of Vodka at Stux got me on a cloud fast. Met Horst, German friend of Andrea, with great mustache. Met Greek artist with a website with nothing on it. Crisis!:>{) Met two guys, USA acting student and Swiss photographer, with whom I joined the hop. Saw Chuck Close in a horrible African outfit in a state of the art wheelchair riding a around like royalty through a Pace gallery art show on HAPPENINGS! Lots of older folks there of course. Good vibes though. Later on I went out and got (too) drunk in a naughty men only bar….

Feb 10 / 2012 / Friday
To get rid of the hangover to New York’s Sports club ( NYSC) around the corner at 23rd. Did some spinning to get rid of the spinning in my head…Back home worked on the grisailles. Hands, feet, faces and wolf and yellow basket in Lavish. In the shower when the fire alarm went off. A lot of steam had escaped in the room next to me.  Fireman came in my hallway while I was just in a towel. Now this sounds very exciting but it was scary. The YOCA heating system is, to say it nicely, not working as it should and i was afraid something was going to explode… it didn’t!! Went for an evening walk and found myself in 4 different bars again sipping on to many GT’s… NEW YORK, the city that never sleeps > F. Franciscus, the painter that never sleeps…

Feb 11 / 2012 / Saturday
First thing I put on my sport outfit, grabbed Ipod, and headphone and went running to NYSC. Get the system clean fast! After some breakfast I looked for a Kinko’s for some more printing and some home shopping at Trader Joe at 6 Ave. Nap. Skype. F&^%$k, it is 20:00 and did no painting at all yet. Never drink again! Well not that much anyway… Worked in 5c until 02.00 on the grisaille of for- and background on all the walls in acrylics and it went surprisingly well.

Feb 12 / 2012 / Sunday
Denise picked me up to go to NYSC.  She was to sick to work out so instead we walked around the 2 and 3 avenue a bit until Bowery. On my way home I got text by Ruud. “I worked on this fashion show. 19.30 pm Central Park at the Ice-skate Circle, come!! “ Back at YOCA painted grisailles until 18.30. Rushed into my good suit and taxied to Central Park. The show, with about a hundred ices caters, was fun but the setting was overwhelming with a fully lit New York skyline as backdrop. It was so ‘bjoetifoel’ I forgot that I was dressed far to cold. Went back home shivering. Worked a bit more but got the cramps and could not sleep well because of that, although dead and dead tired.

Feb 13 / 2012 / Monday
Woke up by Skype call from Rienus. He immediately got on my nerves by telling me to do all kinda stuff. Fight! Hung up. Text to and from. End up in getting him here a full week earlier!!!! Happy!!!!!!!!!
I love Rienus! I love this crazy hotel!! I love New York!!! I love life!!!!:>{))))