28/1 till 12/3/2012 The Carlton Arms Art Project started in 1980. A Group of artists decided to paint the rooms of the, in those days, dark hotel for junkies, hookers and tramps. Nowadays all the 54 rooms are painted by artist, the most famous is Banksy, from all over the World. Every year some rooms are repainted. For this F. Franciscus is invited and will work with staff 6 weeks in NYC. (supported by the Mondriaanfonds)

At The Carlton Arms Hotel at the corner of 25th Street and 3rd Avenue in Manhattan I was invited to overpaint room 5c. The photo’s show the making of room  5c step by step.

First the room was painted white for us when we arrived at the hotel.

Than I took some of my recent stuff on the plane and put it up in the room to get some atmosphere.

First grids and sketches on the wall.

Sam, my wicked trainee!, is working on grids and enlargements.

After Sam left :>) I decided the room needed to be cleaned and tidied and also two Azian man fixed in no time my old and crooked waterpipes. I hoorayed them because it looked great. Now the room looks like a paintingstudio and i can start concentrate on painting only the figures for the coming weeks !!

Our `livingroom”, 14 c, is a room with a view and a private fridge!

Room 5 c 12/03 01.00 getting some more detail in the Annunciation , the autumn in the room

Some close-ups of the personages still in greytones.

All the prints are on the walls to help me enlarge the pictures. Grisailles (underpaintings in graytones) of faces, hands, feet and props are in the making.

Getting ready for oilpainting. Finished the details in the faces and the props. Some background still needs to be done in a layer of acrylics so the walls will have a nice sealing.

Finished grisaile in acrylics. Next more details with oils.

A layer of oilpaint gives the grisaille more softnes and depth.

Murals are in a final stage of grisaille in acrylics and masked.

Room 5c is behind the lit window that is exactly in the middle of the pic.

Imagine the smell of French terpentine coming from behind this door….

What a still-life! All this new stuff makes me feel so rich!

Meanwhile the walls of the bathroom are step by step painted with a lushes appleblossom wallpaper and getting better and better…

Rienus prepares masks for the patterned backgrond.

First outlines of background patterns and layers of coulour on paintings are made.

Paintings are covered while the ceiling gets its final coat.

Rienus paints the loose Vaserely patterns on the wall with warm greenish graytones

Last details, the appleblossom that lingers over the walls

Some detals of the murals with the patterned walls

Rienus sweeps the floors at 2 am so the next day flooring and electricity can be done

Rienus is painting backgrounds of the murals in room 5c

The bathroom at 5c in its final state with the giclee of “Stylemaster” in a $15 frame from the thrift shop.

Rienus realised an atmosphere of a hotelroom in use by adding some customised second hand furniture and by placing some props.

Room 5c in its final state.