Works of Mercy

36 Crusescanned images

hardcover, 36,5 x 26cm, 58 pages in full color

Design: Rienus Gündel.
: Flatgallery Utrecht/Paris
: Rob Perrée, Jan Maarten Voskuil,
Fiona van Schendel, Frank Hoenjet, Erwin Olaf

Distribution: Ideabooks Amsterdam
ISBN 978-94-90503-03-1

Download dutch version (PDF)

The calling of F.Franciscus

Overview with 130 reproductions in color

Design: by Swip Stolk.
Forword: Guus van den Hout
Author: Jan Bapstist Bedaux
Editor: Claar Griffioen
Published: Monoblet Foundation, Flatland of the record

ISBN 90 8046 78-5-5

Frans Franciscus

Paintings from 1999 / 2000 / 2001

Publishing: Waanders Uitgevers, Zwolle,
Stichting Art in Business
Author: Han Steenbruggen
Design: Gijs Dragt

ISBN 90-400-9634-1

F. Franciscus in Franeker


Publisher: Museum Koopmanshûs, Franeker

ISBN 90-73745-12-8

F. Franciscus

“Leporello” of 9 attached postcards

Publisher: Monoblet Foundation, Flatland (of the record)